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Notices of Motion


Senator Peter Baume: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate-

(a) notes that new funding rules for schools will mean that, for the first time in a decade, some Australian school children will attract no federal support for their education;

(b) notes that the Minister for Education (Senator Ryan) has shown political partisanship by funding one school in a marginal Labor electorate after it was given a low priority under the new funding guidelines, and not funding other children in other schools similarly classified; and

(c) views that such action is:

(i) not fair to children and parents in those schools in the same priority group for whom funds were not provided, and

(ii) not in keeping with proper standards of administration or with the proper standards of behaviour expected of a Minister of the Crown.

The Leader of the Australian Democrats (Senator Chipp): To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate considers that both Houses of the Parliament should meet, in accordance with their current sessional orders relating to the days and times of meetings, from mid-February until the end of July and from mid-August until mid-December 1986.

Senator Reid: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate-

(a) notes the plight of the frail aged residents of Allambee and Jindalee nursing homes and the plight of those needing hospital care;

(b) calls on the Royal Australian Nurses' Federation (RANF) executive to abide by a return to work;

(c) condemns the Federal Government for its failure to prepare and make known contingency plans to provide adequate hospital services for the 250 000 residents of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT); and

(d) condemns the Government for its failure to settle the dispute with the RANF which has left ACT citizens without adequate hospital services.

Senator Crichton-Browne: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate-

(a) having regard for the actions of the Western Australian Labor Government in supporting:

(i) the Federal Labor Government at the time of the Economic Summit,

(ii) Labor's Federal policy on consensus which is in effect a pseudonym for capitulation to union power,

(iii) the Federal Government's tax package, the effects of which include increasing costs to the Western Australian iron ore industry in the order of $25 million in addition to an estimated $15 million burden on the private service industries operating in the North West, and

(iv) the concept of the Economic Trilogy without itself adhering to the principles which it entailed, thereby creating the impression that the only Trilogy which the Labor Government in Western Australia has supported has been the Hawke/Keating/Burke Trilogy;

(b) condemns the Western Australian Labor Government for the support it has demonstrated for the overall economic policies of the Commonwealth Government which have resulted in record interest rates which are crippling the rural sector, small business and home buyers alike; spiralling public indebtedness; and uncontrolled levels of Government expenditure and taxation; and

(c) commends the actions of the Liberal candidate for the Pilbara, Mr John Van Uden in opposing the taxation policies of the Federal Government and in supporting the Leader of the State Opposition, Mr Bill Hassell, in challenging the policies of high levels of taxation and real growth in Government expenditure supported by the Labor Government in Western Australia.

Senator Jessop: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate-

(a) is of the opinion that uranium mining should be allowed to proceed within the safeguards established by the Australian Government, according to the judgement of mining companies who have been willing to provide risk capital and to establish overseas markets, thereby encouraging job creation and a desperately needed increase in export income;

(b) is concerned that deprivation of adequate uranium supplies to the growing world market will cause an acceleration in the development and installation of fast breeder reactors which produce many times the plutonium produced by nuclear fission; and

(c) notes that the plutonium produced in reactors used to provide electric power is unsuitable for nuclear weapons because it contains the contaminants, plutonium isotopes 240, 241 and 242 and that such, plutonium cannot be converted into weapons grade plutonium 239 without grossly expensive and thus uneconomic refinement.

Notice of Motion withdrawn: Senator Colston withdrew General Business, Notice of Motion No. 81 standing in his name.