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The following Papers were tabled:

Audit Act-Corrigendum-Report of the Auditor-General upon the Financial Statements prepared by the Minister for Finance for the year ended 30 June 1985.

Australian Meat and Live-stock Corporation Act-Orders 1985-

MQ14-High Quality Beef to EEC-1986 Quota Administration Scheme.

MQ15-Sheepmeat and/or Goatmeat to EEC-1986 Quota Adminstration Scheme.

MQ16-Buffalomeat to EEC-1986 Quota Adminstration Scheme.

Defence Act-

Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal Determinations 1985 Nos 4, 5, 6.

Determinations 1985-

No. 67-Overseas Living Out Allowance and others.

No. 68-Travelling Allowance and others.

Fisheries Act-

Fisheries Notice-No. 150-Prohibition on the taking of prawns off the east coast of Australia, dated 6 November 1985.

Plan of Management No. 2-Southern Bluefin Tuna Fishery Management Plan (Amendment).

Public Service Act-

Appointment-Department of Veterans' Affairs-R. Miranda.

Determinations 1985 Nos 84, 89, 90, 91, 92.

Parliamentary Presiding Officers' Determination 1985 No. 5.

Quarantine Act-Determination under section 86E, dated 13 November 1985.

Remuneration Tribunals Act-Remuneration Tribunal-Determination 1985-No. 19-Remuneration payable to holders of certain public offices-Australian Science and Technology Council and others, dated 30 October 1985.

Seat of Government (Administration) Act-

Determinations made under the following Ordinances-

Cemeteries, dated 28 October 1985.

Health Services, dated 8 October 1985 and 5 November 1985.

Variation of the plan of layout of the city of Canberra and its environs (86th Series), dated 19 November 1985.

Telecommunications Act-By-laws-

Telecommunications (Charging Zones and Charging Districts) Amendment No. 61.

Telecommunications (General) Amendment No. 46.

Telecommunications (Staff) Amendments Nos 46, 47.