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Notices of Motion were given, as follows-

The Chairman of the Standing Committee on Regulations and Ordinances (Senator Coates): To move 9 sitting days after today-That the Crimes (Amendment) Ordinance (No. 4) 1985, as contained in Australian Capital Territory Ordinance No. 44 of 1985 and made under the Seat of Government (Administration) Act 1910, be disallowed.

Senator Coates, by leave, made a statement relating thereto.

Senator Boswell: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate-

(a) notes with deep regret the demise of the Camelia Restaurant, Brisbane's oldest licensed restaurant, that will close its doors at 12 p.m. today, may it ""rest in peace'';

(b) condemns the Federal Labor Government for its callous disregard for all small business, but in particular the restaurant and catering industry, whose members are suffering extreme financial hardship due to the Federal Government's taxation attack on the restaurant and catering industry;

(c) notes with concern the many jobs lost from the restaurant industry and that 1500 young Queensland men and women employees have already been forced to join the dole queue;

(d) congratulates the Queensland restaurant and hospitality industry for their hard fought campaign against the Federal Government's total disregard for restaurant owners who will be forced into bankruptcy and restaurant employees who will lose their livelihood; and

(e) urges all small business organizations that have been affected by the Government's draconian tax legislation to take similar action to the Restaurant and Caterers' Association and expose this Federal Labor Government as anti-small business, anti-rural and anti-enterprise.

Senator Vallentine: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate-

(a) notes with concern the Soviet Union's recent contribution to the increased militarization and nuclearization of the Pacific and East Asian region with the arrival at Cam-ranh Bay of the nuclear-capable battle cruiser, Frunze and the Sovremenny-class guided missile destroyer, Osmotritel;

(b) recalls that the USSR stated it would increase its presence in the region to counter the United States deployment of sea-based Tomahawk cruise missiles;

(c) urges both superpowers to actually start the process of reducing their land and sea-based nuclear arsenals; and

(d) supports moves for comprehensive nuclear weapon free zones in the Pacific and Indian Oceans and notes the inadequacy of the recent South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty in failing to prevent this significant escalation of the arms race.

Senator Jones: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate congratulates the Camelia Restaurant on its endeavours to spend $1.5m in redeveloping the Riverside development in Brisbane.