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Senator Archer, on behalf of the Publications Committee of the Senate, tabled the following Report:


The Publications Committee has the honour to report that it has met in conference with the Publications Committee of the House of Representatives.

The Joint Committee, having considered petitions and papers presented to Parliament since the last meeting of the Committee, and papers previously presented, recommends that the following be printed.

Aboriginal employment and training programs-Report of Committee of Review (Chairman: Mr M. Miller), dated 27 August 1985.

Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act-Reports by the Aboriginal Land Commissioner-

Gurindji Land Claim to Daguragu Station, dated April 1985.

Mount Allan Land Claim, dated 4 March 1985.

Australian Industry Development Corporation Act-Australian Industry Development Corporation-Annual Report 1984-85.

Commonwealth Banks Act-Commonwealth Banking Corporation-Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Commonwealth Savings Bank of Australia and Commonwealth Development Bank of Australia-Annual Reports 1984-85.

Commonwealth Grants Commission Act-Commonwealth Grants Commission-Report (52nd) 1985.

Commonwealth Schools Commission Act-Commonwealth Schools Commission-Report for 1986: Response to Government Guidelines, dated September 1985.

Department of the Treasury-Annual Report (7th) 1984-85.

Economic Planning Advisory Council Act-Economic Planning Advisory Council-Report 1984-85.

Film Censorship Board-Report of activities, for 1984.

Governor-General Act-Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General-Report (1st), for period 24 December 1984 to 30 June 1985.

Human Rights Commission Act-Human Rights Commission-Report No. 15-The human rights of Australian-born children: A report on the complaint of Mr and Mrs M. Yilmaz.

Industries Assistance Commission-Interim Report on Outboard Engines, dated 3 September 1985 (No. 370).

Insurance Act-Insurance Commissioner-Annual Report 1984-85.

National Debt Sinking Fund Act-National Debt Commission-Annual Report (62nd) 1984-85.

Prices Surveillance Act-Prices Surveillance Authority-Annual Report 1984-85.

Primary Industry Bank Act-Primary Industry Bank-Annual Report (7th) 1984-85.

Public Service Act-Department of the Parliamentary Reporting Staff-Annual Report 1984-85.

Qantas Airways Limited-Report for year ended 31 March 1985.

Reform of the Australian taxation system-Statement by the Treasurer, the Hon. Paul Keating, MP, dated September 1985, together with attachments.

Remuneration Tribunals Act-Remuneration Tribunal-1985 Review-


1985/6-Ministers of State.

1985/7-Office Holders of the Parliament.

1985/8-Members of the Parliament.

1985/9-Parliamentary Secretaries to Ministers of State.

1985/10-Travelling Allowance within Australia-Ministers, and others.

1985/11-Entitlements of Members of the Parliament.

1985/12-Secretaries of Departments and Holders of Public Offices.

1985/13-Members of Aboriginal Land Councils.

1985/14-Members of the Australian Capital Territory House of Assembly.

1985/15-Members of the Norfolk Island Legislative Assembly.


1985/1-Ministers of State.


1985/3-President and Members, Inter-State Commission.


17 October 1985...B. R. ARCHER,


Senator Archer, by leave, moved-That the Report be adopted.

Question-put and passed.