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The following 10 petitions, lodged with the Clerk by the Senators indicated, were received:

Senator Boswell, from 49 petitioners praying that the Senate not legalise the possession, sale, hire or supply of any pornographic material.

Senator Boswell, from 39 petitioners praying that former legislation banning the entry into Australia and sale of hard-core pornographic and violent videos and publications be re-enacted.

Senator Boswell, from 50 petitioners praying that the Senate ensure that the concessional rate of duty on old cars and car parts be maintained.

Senator Peter Rae, from 22 petitioners praying that the proposed introduction of compulsory identification cards be reconsidered and rejected.

Senator Zakharov, from 43 petitioners praying that legislation for any plant variety rights system which gives exclusive ownership rights over seeds to individuals, organisations or enterprises be not passed.

Senator Parer, from 7 petitioners praying that the assets test be repealed.

Senator Parer, from 76 petitioners praying that the Senate oppose any sections of the proposed Veterans' Entitlements Bill which would have the effect of reducing veterans' benefits, including that which seeks to change the onus of proof.

Senators Boswell and Parer, from 24 and 1362 petitioners, respectively, praying that the Senate pass Senator Harradine's Bill to prohibit experiments involving the use of human embryos created by in vitro fertilization.

Senator Zakharov, from 59 petitioners praying that the Senate urge the Government to take action concerning the continued abuse of human rights in East Timor and to raise that issue in the United Nations.