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The Manager of Government Business (Senator Grimes) tabled the following Papers:

Asian Pacific Regional Trade Law Seminar (incorporating the 11th International Trade Law Seminar)-Papers and Summary of Discussions held in Canberra, 22-27 November 1984.

Australian National University Act-Australian National University-Interim Annual Report of Council (Part 1) 1984.

Australian Postal Commission-Service and Business Outlook 1985-86, dated August 1985.

Australian Telecommunications Commission-Service and Business Outlook 1985-86, dated August 1985.

Broadcasting and Television Act-Australian Broadcasting Tribunal-Remote Commercial Television Services-1st Report, dated June 1985.

Contempt of Court-Statement by the Attorney-General relating to a letter from a Member of Parliament to the Family Court of Australia, Sydney, dated 20 August 1985.

Family Law Council-Creating Children-A uniform approach to the law and practice of reproductive technology in Australia-Report, dated July 1985.

Human Rights Commission Act-Human Rights Commission-Annual Report 1983-84.

Independent Air Fares Committee-Cost Allocation Review-East-West Airlines (Operations) Limited-Report and Determination, dated 19 July 1985.

Law Reform Commission Act-Law Reform Commission-Report No. 26 (Interim)-Evidence (2 vols).

Legal Aid Task Force-Final Report, dated August 1985, together with Discussion Paper, dated November 1984.

National Committee on Discrimination in Employment and Occupation-Annual Report (11th) 1983-84.

National Health Act-Operations of Registered Health Insurance Organizations-Annual Report 1983-84.

Official Establishments Trust-Annual Report (5th) 1983-84.

Television-Future Directions for Commercial Television-Report (2 vols), by the Department of Communications, dated June 1985.

Tobacco Marketing Act-Australian Tobacco Board-Annual Report 1984, together with financial statements and the Auditor-General's Report thereon.