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The Manager of Government Business (Senator Grimes) tabled the following Papers: Anglo-Australian Telescope Agreement Act-Anglo-Australian Telescope Board-Annual Report 1983-84, together with financial statements and the Auditor-General's Report thereon.

Australian Industrial Relations Law and Systems-Report (3 vols) of the Committee of Review (Chairman: Professor K. Hancock), dated 30 April 1985. Statement by the Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations.

Conciliation and Arbitration Act-Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission-Annual Report (28th) of President, for year ended 13 August 1984.

Egg Export Legislation Repeal Act-Australian Egg Board-Financial statements for period 1 July 1984 to 18 March 1985, together with the Auditor-General's Report thereon.

Science and Technology-Annual Statement (6th) 1984-85, dated 24 April 1985.