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The following 10 petitions, lodged with the Clerk by the Senators indicated, were received: Senator Macklin, from 489 petitioners praying that a Senate Select Committee on Nuclear Disarmament and Peace be established to investigate the creation of a Ministry of Peace and Nuclear Disarmament.

Senator Mason, from 3476 petitioners praying that Wilton not be considered as a site for Sydney's second airport.

Senator Reid, from 876 petitioners praying that the Senate reject the recommendation of the Vinson inquiry that an abortion clinic be established in Canberra.

Senator Brownhill, from 32 petitioners praying that sales tax on Australian produced wine be removed and other measures taken to assist the grape producing industry.

Senator Zakharov, from 18 petitioners praying that the Senate legislate to close the joint Australian-United States electronic communications facilities at the Watsonia Army Barracks, Victoria.

Senators Scott and Sibraa, from 101 and 124 petitioners, respectively, praying that the Senate pass Senator Harradine's Bill to prohibit experiments involving the use of human embryos created by in vitro fertilization.

Senator Messner, from 81 petitioners praying that the Senate repeal the Labor Government's assets test.

Senator Primmer, from 233 petitioners praying that the Senate reject post-secondary tuition fees and mandatory overseas student charges and that the commitment to free post-school education be reaffirmed.

Senator Zakharov, from 14 petitioners praying that the Senate request the Government not to increase indirect taxation.