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The Chairman of the Standing Committee on Publications (Senator Elstob) tabled the following Report: SECOND REPORT

The Publications Committee has the honour to report that it has met in conference with the Publications Committee of the House of Representatives.

The Joint Committee, having considered petitions and papers presented to Parliament since the last meeting of the Committee, and papers previously presented, recommends that the following be printed: Archives Act-Advisory Council on Australian Archives-Annual Report (1st) for period 6 to 30 June 1984.

Australian Bicentennial Authority Act-Australian Bicentennial Authority-Annual Report (4th) 1983-84.

Australian Capital Territory Electricity Supply Act-Australian Capital Territory Electricity Authority-Annual Report (21st) 1983-84.

Australian Heritage Commission Act-Australian Heritage Commission-Annual Report (8th) 1983-84.

Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies-Annual Report 1983-84.

Chicken Meat Research Act-Australian Chicken Meat Research Committee-Annual Report (15th) 1983-84.

Commonwealth Electoral Act-Redistribution of Electoral Divisions, 1984- Determinations by the augmented Electoral Commissions (Volume I) for the States of - New South Wales.


South Australia.


Western Australia.

Maps of the proposed and final Electoral Divisions and microfiche of suggestions, comments and objections relating to the redistribution (Volume II) of the States of- New South Wales.


South Australia.


Western Australia.

Determinations by the augmented Electoral Commissions, together with maps of proposed and final Electoral Divisions and microfiche of suggestions, comments and objections relating to the redistribution of- Australian Capital Territory.


Commonwealth Grants Commission Act-Commonwealth Grants Commission- Report on tax sharing relativities 1985, dated 30 March 1985- Volume 1-Main report.

Volume 2-Appendixes and consultants' reports.

Dairy Produce Act-Australian Dairy Corporation-Annual Report (9th) 1983-84.

Family Law Council-Administration of Family Law in Australia-Report to the Attorney-General, dated 28 February 1985.

Fishing Industry Act-Annual Report (28th) 1983-84.

Foreign Investment Review Board-Annual Report 1983-84.

Housing Industry-Indicative Planning Council for the Housing Industry-Short-term Prospects Report, dated 19 March 1985.

Human Rights Commission Act-Human Rights Commission- Report No. 9-Queensland Community Services (Aborigines) Act 1984, dated 9 January 1985.

Report No. 10-The Human Rights of Australian-born Children: A Report on the Complaint of Mr and Mrs R. C. Au Yeung, dated 18 January 1985.

Report No. 11-Human Rights of the Terminally Ill: The Right of Terminally Ill Patients to have Access to Heroin for Painkilling Purposes, dated 4 March 1985.

Report No. 12-Queensland Electricity (Continuity of Supply) Act 1985, dated 29 March 1985.

Industries Assistance Commission-Chemicals and Plastics Industries-Interim Report on End-Use Under Security By-Laws, dated 15 March 1985 (No. 361).

Inter-State Commission Act-Inter-State Commission-Report on an investigation of the Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme, dated 29 March 1985- Volume 1.

Volume 2-Shipment of wheat to Tasmania.

Law Reform Commission Act-Law Reform Commission-Annual Report (10th) 1983-84.

National Aboriginal Conference-The Role of the Conference-Report by H. C. Coombs, dated 1 May 1984.

National Gallery Act-Australian National Gallery-Annual Report 1983-84.

Parliament House Construction Authority Act-Parliament House Construction Authority-Annual Report (5th) 1983-84.

Pig Industry Research Act-Australian Pig Industry Research Committee-Annual Report 1983-84.

Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Power Act-Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Authority-Annual Report (35th) 1983-84.

Stevedoring Industry Finance Committee Act-Stevedoring Industry Finance Committee-Annual Report 1983-84.

Sugar Agreement Act-Fruit Industry Sugar Concession Committee-Annual Report 1983-84.

Wheat Research Act-Annual Report 1983-84 by the Minister for Primary Industry.

Corrigendum Drug Trafficking-Royal Commission of Inquiry-Report, dated 25 February 1983-Corrigendum.

23 April 1985 RON ELSTOB, Chairman Senator Elstob, by leave, moved-That the Report be adopted.

Question-put and passed.