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Notices of Motion were given, as follows- Senator MacGibbon: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate- (a) requests the immediate withdrawal of Australia from the International Labour Organisation (ILO), as unionism as currently practiced in Australia is: (i) an anachronism,

(ii) no longer relevant to or compatible with the future development of Australian industry or society, and

(iii) still compulsory when it should be a matter of personal choice;

(b) in making this decision to withdraw from the ILO, acknowledges that: (i) most Australians would prefer to have a job rather than be a party to the ILO, and

(ii) bodies such as the ILO, which reinforce the monopoly of labour by unions, are incompatible with basic civil rights; and

(c) therefore resolves to congratulate and support Singapore on its resignation from the ILO.

Senator Jones: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate, noting that the Queensland Government has rushed through amendments to the already draconian Electricity (Continuity of Supply) Act, giving police powers of arrest without warrant in situations of so-called harassment of people working in the electricity industry during the present power dispute, condemns that Government because- (a) claims made in the State Parliament by the Minister for Mines and Energy, Mr Gibbs, of threats of violence and arson, are false and totally denied by the employees of the South East Queensland Electricity Board sacked by the Bjelke-Petersen Government in February 1985, and by the Electrical Trades Union;

(b) existing police powers are perfectly adequate to deal with any situation that might arise; and

(c) this massive increase in police powers is a gross infringement of civil liberties, and points to the fact that Queensland has become a neo-fascist police state.

Senator Townley: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate- (a) recognising that this country is one of the most indebted in the world, with liabilities per head in excess of Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Poland and Brazil;

(b) conscious of the fact that we are now spending more on public debt interest than we do on education, and almost as much as we do on defence;

(c) being aware of the manner in which our public debt interest has grown from $887m or 4.9 per cent of budget outlays in 1974-75 to a staggering $5 601m or 8.8 per cent of outlays in 1984-85; and

(d) taking into account the fact that if any of our major exports collapse the Australian economy will be liable to a most serious economic collapse,

calls on the Hawke Socialist Government to recognise the extreme danger of the situation and take immediate action to reduce Government borrowings.

Senator Boswell: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate- (a) notes with concern the prediction from the Bureau of Agricultural Economics that the average Australian rural income will fall 29 per cent in 1985;

(b) urges the Federal Government to take immediate and urgent action on the detailed proposal of the National Farmers' Federation to control spiralling farm costs which add an extra unnecessary $16 000 per farmer to the cost of farming; and

(c) condemns the Federal Minister for Primary Industry, Mr Kerin, for his rejection of an all-States agreement for a national dairy marketing plan which would have ensured stability for the troubled dairy industry.