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Senator Lewis, by leave, moved-That the Senate take note of each of the following Government Papers tabled on 19, 20 and 21 March 1985: Canberra Theatre Trust-Annual Report 1982-83.

Australian Capital Territory- Building Review Committee-Annual Report 1983-84.

Nominal Defendant-Annual Report 1983.

Agents Board-Annual Report 1983-84.

Bush Fire Council-Annual Report 1983-84.

Department of Territories and Local Government-Annual Report 1983-84.

Australian Electoral Commission-Annual Report 1983-84.

National Aboriginal Conference-Report on the Role of the Conference. Statement by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.

Commonwealth Accommodation and Catering Services Limited-Annual Report 1983-84.

Australian Broadcasting Tribunal-Annual Report 1983-84.

Commonwealth Ombudsman and Defence Force Ombudsman-Annual Reports 1983-84.

Security Appeals Tribunal-Annual Report 1983-84.

Federal Police Disciplinary Tribunal-Annual Report 1983-84.

National Exhibition Centre Trust-Annual Report 1983-84.

National Capital Development Commission-Annual Report 1983-84.

Albury-Wodonga Development Corporation-Annual Report 1983-84.

Phosphate Mining Company of Christmas Island Limited-Annual Report 1983-84.

Special Broadcasting Service-Annual Report 1983-84.

Criminology Research Council-Annual Report 1983-84.

Australian Institute of Criminology-Annual Report 1983-84.

National Companies and Securities Commission-Annual Report 1983-84.

Freedom of Information Act-Annual Report 1983-84.

International Monetary Agreements Act-Annual Report 1983-84.

Australian Film Commission-Annual Report 1983-84.

Commonwealth-State Housing Agreement (1981)-Annual Report 1982-83.

Housing Loans Insurance Corporation-Annual Report 1983-84.

New Parliament House-Updated Cost-Statement by the Acting Minister for Territories.

Commissioner for Superannuation and Superannuation Fund Investment Trust-Annual Reports 1983-84.

Australian Capital Territory Fire Brigade-Annual Report 1983-84.

Norfolk Island-Annual Report 1983-84.

Australian Capital Territory Registrar of Motor Vehicle Dealers-Annual Report 1983-84.

Australian Capital Territory Statement of Receipts and Expenditure 1982-83.

Industries Assistance Commission-Reports- Empty Gelatin Capsules.

Rougher Headed Timber.

Vegetables and Vegetable Products (Interim Report on Frozen Peas).

Australian Children's Television Foundation-Annual Report 1983-84.

Australian Science and Technology Council-Report on Computer-related Technologies in the Metal Trades Industry.

Victoria Grants Commission-Annual Report 1984. Statement by the Minister for Local Government and Administrative Services.

Queensland Local Government Grants Commission-Report 1984. Statement by the Minister for Local Government and Administrative Services.

International Labour Conference-Report of Australian Delegation to 69th Session 1983.

South Australian Local Government Grants Commission-Annual Report 1984. Statement by the Minister for Local Government and Administrative Services.

Tasmanian State Grants Commission-Annual Report 1984-85. Statement by the Minister for Local Government and Administrative Services.

C.S.I.R.O. Laboratories-Report of Committee of Inquiry into Safety Standards and Death of Dr. R. Bergamasco-Government Response.

Amending Agreement between the Commonwealth and New South Wales for the provision of financial assistance for Urban and Regional Development.

Australian Shippers' Council-Annual Report 1983-84.

Agreement between the Commonwealth, New South Wales and Victoria for the provision of financial assistance for Urban Expansion and Redevelopment.

Department of Sport, Recreation and Tourism-Annual Report 1983-84.

Australian War Memorial-Annual Report 1983-84.

National Energy Research, Development and Demonstration Council-Annual Report 1983-84.

Advance to the Minister for Finance-Statements for October, November and December 1984, and January 1985.

Department of Communications-Annual Report 1983-84.

Special Prosecutor R. V. Gyles, Q.C.-Report (Final) for period 1 July 1984 to 21 September 1984.

Industries Assistance Commission-Report on the Honey Industry.

Australian Water Resources Council-Minutes of the 26th Meeting of the Council.

Canberra Theatre Trust-Annual Report 1983-84-Extension of period for tabling Report.

Ordered-That the debates be adjourned till a later hour of the day, and that Senator Lewis have leave to continue his speech on the resumption of each debate.