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The Manager of Government Business (Senator Grimes) tabled the following Papers: Acts Interpretation Act-Notification and statement relating to extension of specified period for presentation of the Canberra Theatre Trust Annual Report 1983-84.

Australian Institute of Sport-Annual Report 1983-84, together with financial statements and the Auditor-General's Report thereon.

Australian Water Resources Council-Minutes of 26th Meeting of Council, held in Launceston, 11 May 1984.

Department of Communications-Annual Report 1983-84.

Department of Home Affairs and Environment-Annual Report 1983-84.

Economic Planning Advisory Council Act-Economic Planning Advisory Council-Annual Report (1st) 1983-84.

Industries Assistance Commission-Report on the Honey Industry, dated 4 May 1984 (No. 347).

Special Prosecutors Act-Special Prosecutor-R. V. Gyles, Q.C.-Report (Final), for period 1 July 1984 to 21 September 1984.