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The following 16 petitions, lodged with the Clerk by the Senators indicated, were received: Senators Bjelke-Petersen, Boswell, Colston, Hamer, MacGibbon, Macklin and Reynolds, from 6, 15, 3, 11, 6, 8, and 17 petitioners, respectively, praying that post-secondary tuition fees and any form of the user-pays principle in education not be introduced, that student financial assistance be increased and that visa charges on private overseas students be removed.

Senator Reynolds, from 19 petitioners praying that the Senate reverse any decision which commits Australia to participate in the testing of MX Peacemaker missiles, and ensure that Australia's commitment to a nuclear-free zone in the South Pacific be maintained.

Senator Messner, from 19 petitioners praying that the Australian flag be not changed without the consent of the people in a referendum.

Senator Reid, from 46 petitioners praying that the Senate reject the Australian Capital Territory Smoking and Tobacco Products Advertisements Prohibition Bill 1983 [1985].

Senator Robertson, from 119 petitioners praying that no further action be taken towards self-government in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) until after the holding of a referendum of voters of the ACT.

Senator Robertson, from 130 petitioners praying that the Senate act to protect society from moral pollution and its harmful effects.

Senator Messner, from 131 petitioners praying that the Senate pass the Social Security and Repatriation (Abolition of Assets Test) Bill 1985.

Senator Reid, from 29 petitioners praying that the Senate disallow certain regulations and ordinances and introduce legislation which adequately reflects community standards in relation to hard-core pornography.

Senator Boswell, from 23 petitioners praying that the decision to allow privileges and travel entitlements to homosexual staff of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation be reversed.

Senator Zakharov, from 41 petitioners praying that legislation for any plant variety rights system which gives exclusive ownership rights over seeds to individuals, organisations or enterprises be not passed.