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Senator Messner gave a Notice of Motion, as follows: To move on the next day of sitting- (1) That the Hawke Labor Government has consistently demonstrated its lack of concern for the care of the aged since its election in March 1983 and the Senate calls upon the Government to immediately state- (a) when the Office of Aged Care will be established;

(b) what consultation the Government intends to undertake with voluntary and other community organisations with regard to the implementation of the Home and Community Care program (HACC);

(c) the status of its negotiations with the States on the HACC cost sharing program; and

(d) how much money in addition to present expenditures on Commonwealth programs will be injected into the HACC program by the Federal Government.

(2) That the Senate draws the Government's attention to the growing disquiet amongst community groups about the lack of progress with the HACC program and the disillusionment with reports that little or no extra funds will be made available for the program, contrary to the misleading statements by the Prime Minister during the election campaign.