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The following Papers were tabled: Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 383.

Air Force Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 384, 385.

Air Navigation Act-Regulation-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 314.

Apple and Pear Export Charge Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 386.

Apple and Pear Levy Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 388.

Apple and Pear Levy Collection Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 387.

Apple and Pear Stabilization Act-Regulation-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 389.

Audit Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 431, 432.

Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court Act-Rules of Court-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 313, 405.

Australian Citizenship Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 351.

Australian Federal Police Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 296, 297.

Australian Meat and Live-stock Corporation Act- Orders- 1984- MQ 10-High Quality Beef to EEC-1985 Control Scheme.

MQ 11-Buffalo Meat to EEC-1985 Control Scheme.

MS 6-Contract Requirements-Shipping of Meat to East Coast of North America and Gulf Ports, USA.

MS 7-Contract Requirements-Shipping of Meat to West Coast of North America.

1985- MQ 12-Sheepmeat and/or Goatmeat to EEC-1985 Control Scheme.

Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 424.

Australian National University Act-Statutes- No. 176-Enrolment, Courses and Degrees Amendment No. 20.

No. 177-Academic and Ceremonial Dress Amendment No. 11.

No. 178-Staff Superannuation Amendment No. 12.

No. 179-University House Amendment No. 10.

No. 180-University House (Sale of Liquor) (Repeal).

No. 181-Enrolment, Courses and Degrees Amendment No. 21.

No. 182-Student Organisations (Amenities and Services) (Repeal).

Automatic Data Processing Equipment Bounty Act-Return, for year 1983-84.

Automotive Industry Authority Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 301.

Bounty (Agricultural Tractors) Act- Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 461.

Return, for year 1983-84.

Bounty (Bed Sheeting) Act-Return, for year 1983-84.

Bounty (Berry Fruits) Act-Return, for year 1983-84.

Bounty (Books) Act-Return, for year 1983-84.

Bounty (Commercial Motor Vehicles) Act-Return, for year 1983-84.

Bounty (High Alloy Steel Products) Act-Return, for year 1983-84.

Bounty (Injection-moulding Equipment) Act-Return, for year 1983-84.

Bounty (Metal-working Machine Tools) Act-Return, for year 1983-84.

Bounty (Paper) Act-Return, for year 1983-84.

Bounty (Penicillin) Act-Return, for year 1983-84.

Bounty (Printed Fabrics) Act-Return, for year 1983-84.

Bounty (Room Air Conditioners) Act-Return, for year 1983-84.

Bounty (Ships) Act-Return, for year 1983-84.

Bounty (Steel Mill Products) Act-Return, for year 1983-84.

Bounty (Steel Products) Act-Return, for year 1983-84.

Bounty (Textile Yarns) Act-Return, for year 1983-84.

Bounty (Tractor Cabs) Act-Return, for year 1983-84.

Canberra College of Advanced Education Act-Statutes- No. 55-Courses and Awards Amendment (No. 2) 1984.

No. 56-Election of Non-teaching Staff Member of Council 1984.

Christmas Island Act-Ordinance 1984-No. 1-Service Corporation.

Cocos (Keeling) Islands Act-Ordinances 1984- No. 2-Medical Charges (Repeal).

No. 3-Postal Services (Amendment).

Commonwealth Banks Act- Appointment-K. E. Deeves. Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 307.

Commonwealth Employees (Redeployment and Retirement) Act-Regulations- Statutory Rules 1984 No. 430, 479.

Commonwealth Teaching Service Act-Determinations 1984-Nos 4, 5.

Compensation (Commonwealth Government Employees) Act-Regulations- Statutory Rules 1984 No. 305.

Conciliation and Arbitration Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 315, 464, 465.

Customs Act-Regulations-

Statutory Rules-

1984-Nos 316, 317, 318, 319, 462.

1985-No. 1.

Dairy Produce Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 350.

Dairy Products (Export Inspection Charge) Collection Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 348.

Defence Act-Determinations- 1984- No. 56-Travelling Allowance.

No. 57-Child Education Allowance.

No. 58-Overseas Rental and Utilities Allowance.

No. 59-In Port Allowance and others.

No. 60-Education Allowance.

No. 61-Scholarship Allowance.

No. 62-In Port Allowance and another.

No. 63-Travelling Allowance and others.

No. 64-Separation Allowance and others.

No. 65-Intermediate Term Duty Living Allowance.

No. 66-Intermediate Term Duty Living Allowance and others.

No. 67-Payment of Financial Entitlements Consequent Upon the Death of a Member or a Former Member.

No. 68-Detention Allowance.

No. 69-Overseas Vehicle Allowance.

No. 70-Detained Member's Dependant Allowance.

No. 71-Vehicle Allowance.

No. 72-Charges for Improper Use of Travel Documents.

No. 73-Liability of Member for Excess Leave on Termination of Service.

No. 74-Operation Epiluamuka Allowance.

No. 75-Intermediate Term Duty Living Allowance and another.

No. 76-Separation Allowance and another.

No. 77-Special Overseas Living Allowance.

No. 78-Higher Duties Allowance and others.

No. 79-Pay of Reserve Force Members.

No. 80-Overseas Outfit Allowance.

No. 81-Compensation for Loss of, or Damage to, Clothing or Personal Effects.

No. 82-Transfer Allowance.

No. 83-Gratuities.

No. 84-Re-engagement Bounty.

No. 85-Aircraft Allowance.

No. 86-Education Assistance Overseas.

No. 87-Leave without Pay.

No. 88-Medical Officers and Dental Officers-Bounty Payable on Appointment to a Permanent or Short Service Commission.

No. 89-Medical Officers and Dental Officers-Gratuity Payable on Completion of Appointment to a Short Service Commission.

No. 90-Reserve Medical Officers and Dental Officers-Gratuity for Continuous Full-time Service.

No. 91-Defence Force Rental Expense Assistance Allowance.

No. 92-Temporary Accommodation Allowance.

No. 93-Child Allowance and another.

No. 94-Dwelling Purchase or Sale Expenses Allowance.

No. 95-Living Out Away From Home Allowance.

No. 96-Recreation Leave and another.

No. 97-Charge for Rations and Quarters.

No. 98-Living Out Allowance.

No. 99-Travelling Allowance.

No. 100-Separation Allowance and others.

No. 101-Medical and Hospital Expenses of a Member's Family Overseas.

No. 102-Dental Expenses of a Member's Family Overseas.

No. 103-Meal Allowance.

No. 104-Vehicle Allowance and others.

No. 105-Meal Allowance Overseas.

No. 106-Overseas Living Out Allowance.

No. 107-Overseas Living In Allowance.

No. 108-Supplementary Living Allowance.

No. 109-Complementary Allowances Payable to Member Serving on Duty Overseas.

No. 110-Separation Allowance and others.

No. 111-Salary of Permanent Force Members.

No. 112-Higher Duties Allowance and others.

No. 113-Overseas Living Out Allowance and others.

No. 114-Cadet Forces Allowances.

1985- No. 1-Temporary Accommodation Allowance.

No. 2-Intermediate Term Duty Living Allowance and others.

No. 3-Settling In and Settling Out Allowance and another.

No. 4-Air conditioning Allowance and others.

No. 5-Overseas Living Out Allowance and others.

No. 6-Travelling Allowance and others.

No. 7-Intermediate Term Duty Living Allowance and others.

Defence Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 390, 391, 392, 397, 402, 429.

Defence Act, Naval Defence Act and Air Force Act-Regulation-Statutory Rules 1985 No. 4.

Defence Amendment Act-Interim Determinations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 298, 299, 300, 302, 303, 327, 328, 329, 330, 331, 332, 333, 334, 335, 336, 337, 338, 339, 340, 341, 359, 360, 361, 362, 363, 364, 365, 366, 367, 369, 370, 371, 372, 373, 374, 375, 376, 377, 378, 379, 380, 381, 382, 437, 438, 439, 440, 441, 442, 443, 444, 445, 446, 447, 448, 449, 450, 451, 452, 453, 454, 455, 456, 457, 458, 459, 460.

Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 393, 394, 395.

Dried Vine Fruits Equalization Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 349, 396.

Eggs (Export Inspection Charge) Collection Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 344.

Environment Protection (Sea Dumping) Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules No. 423.

Estate Duty Assessment Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 412, 420.

Excise Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 320.

Export Control Act- Export Control (Orders) Regulations-Orders 1984- No. 5-Prescribed Goods (General).

No. 6-Grain, Plants and Plant Products.

Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 343.

Extradition (Foreign States) Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 312.

Family Law Act- Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 426.

Rules of Court-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 425.

Fisheries Act-Fisheries Notices-Nos 104A, 117B, 123C, 127, 128, 128A, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134.

Gift Duty Assessment Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 411, 419.

Governor-General Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 467.

Health Insurance Act- Regulations-Statutory Rules- 1984-No. 310.

1985-No. 5.

Statements (3) of particulars of Ministerial determinations authorised under Section 106AA, dated 28 October 1984, 20 November 1984 and 17 January 1985.

Health Insurance Commission-Regulation-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 321.

Health Legislation Amendment Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 474.

Honey Levy Act (No. 1)-Regulation-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 478.

Income Tax Assessment Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 408, 416.

International Organizations (Privileges and Immunities) Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 463, 476, 477.

Judiciary Act-High Court Rules-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 406.

Lands Acquisition Act- Land, etc., acquired for- Broadcasting Station Services-Basin View, New South Wales.

CSIRO in pursuance of its functions under the Science and Industry Research Act-Boorolong, New South Wales.

Defence purposes-Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.

Telecommunication Services-Belvedere, Bungendore, Genoe, Regentville, Rooty Hill, Rylstone, Springvale, Willotia and Yetman, New South Wales.

Television Translator Services-Goodooga, New South Wales.

Statements (8) by the Minister, describing lands acquired by agreement under sub-section 7 (1) of the Act, for specified public purposes.

Live-stock Slaughter (Export Inspection Charge) Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 347.

Management and Investment Companies Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 433.

Maternity Leave (Commonwealth Employees) Act-Regulation-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 434.

Meat Export Charge Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 345.

Meat Export Charge Collection Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 346.

Meat Inspection Act-Meat Inspection (Orders) Regulations- Orders 1984- No. 1-Meat Inspection (General).

No. 2-Meat Inspection (New South Wales).

No. 3-Meat Inspection (Australian Capital Territory).

National Crime Authority Act-Regulation-Statutory Rules 1985 No. 3.

National Health Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 308, 310, 322, 342, 427.

Naval Defence Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 398, 399.

Navigation Act- Navigation (Orders) Regulations-Marine Orders 1984- No. 11-Part 1-(General).

No. 12-Part 2-(Fees).

No. 13-Part 3-(Cargo and Cargo Handling-Grain).

No. 14-Part 4-(Marine Qualifications-Masters and Deck Officers).

No. 15-Part 5-(Marine Qualifications-Engineer Officers).

Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 352, 353, 354, 355, 356, 357, 358.

Nitrogenous Fertilizers Subsidy Act-Return, for year 1983-84.

Nursing Homes Assistance Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 309, 428.

Overseas Students Charge Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 323, 472.

Patents Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 435.

Petroleum Retail Marketing Sites Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1985 No. 6.

Phosphate Fertilizers Subsidy Act-Return, for the year 1983-84.

Pig Slaughter Levy Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 311.

Postal Services Act-By-laws- 1984- Postal Amendment No. 4.

Postal (Staff) Amendment No. 3.

1985- Postal Amendment No. 1.

Public Service Act- Appointments- Department of Aboriginal Affairs-S. Foley, R. Wunungmurra.

Department of Education and Youth Affairs-H. M. Harrison.

Department of Employment and Industrial Relations-J. I. Ingram, F. R. McGrady, M. E. Bradshaw.

Department of Social Security-F. P. Carter.

Determinations- 1984-46, 48 to 73.

1985-1 to 8, 10, 11.

Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 400, 436, 468, 469, 470, 471.

Remuneration Tribunals Act- Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 401, 475.

Remuneration Tribunal-Determinations 1984- No. 26-Member, Automotive Industry Authority and others.

No. 27-Solicitor-General and others.

No. 28-Secretary to the Department of Community Services.

Sales Tax (Exemptions and Classifications) Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 324.

Sales Tax Assessment Acts (Nos 1 to 9)-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 409, 417.

Sales Tax Procedure Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 410, 418.

Seamen's Compensation Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 306.

Seat of Government (Administration) Act- Determinations made under the following Ordinances- Agents, dated 29 January 1985.

Dangerous Goods, dated 2 January 1985.

Ordinances- 1984- No. 57-Unclaimed Moneys (Amendment).

No. 58-New South Wales Acts Application (Amendment).

No. 59-Air Pollution.

No. 60-Careless Use of Fire (Amendment).

No. 61-Court of Petty Sessions (Amendment) (No. 4).

No. 62-Court of Petty Sessions (Amendment) (No. 5).

No. 63-Motor Traffic (Alcohol and Drugs) (Amendment).

No. 64-Pharmacy (Amendment).

No. 65-Water Pollution.

No. 66-Trading Hours (Amendment).

No. 67-Administration and Probate (Amendment).

No. 68-Building (Amendment).

No. 69-Dangerous Goods (Amendment).

No. 70-Health Commission (Amendment) (No. 3).

No. 71-Milk Authority (Amendment).

No. 72-Nature Conservation (Amendment).

No. 73-Interpretation (Amendment).

No. 74-Seat of Government (Administration) (Amendment).

No. 75-Dangerous Goods (Amendment) (No. 2).

No. 76-Court of Petty Sessions (Civil Jurisdiction) (Amendment).

No. 77-Court of Petty Sessions (Civil Jurisdiction) (Amendment) (No. 2).

No. 78-Crimes (Amendment) (No. 2).

No. 79-Oaths and Affirmations.

1985- No. 1-Legal Aid (Amendment).

Regulations- 1984- No. 22-(Health Commission Ordinance).

No. 23-(Motor Traffic (Alcohol and Drugs) Ordinance).

No. 24-(Air Pollution Ordinance).

No. 25-(Water Pollution Ordinance).

No. 26-(Building Ordinance).

No. 27-(Building and Services Ordinance).

1985- No. 1-(Legal Aid Ordinance).

No. 2-(Health Commission Ordinance).

No. 3-(Agents Ordinance).

Ship Construction Bounty Act-Return, for year 1983-84.

States Grants (Petroleum Products) Act-Amendments to the Schedules to the subsidy schemes in relation to the States, dated 23 October 1984, 7 January 1985 and 10 January 1985.

Stevedoring Industry Levy Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 466.

Student Assistance Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 473.

Superannuation Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 304, 326, 368, 403, 404, 480.

Taxation Administration Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 407, 415.

Tobacco Charge Act (No. 1)-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1985 No. 2.

Tobacco Charges Assessment Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 413, 421.

Telecommunications Act-By-laws 1984- Telecommunications (Charging Zones and Charging Districts) Amendments Nos 49 to 52.

Telecommunications (Community Calls) Amendment No. 39.

Telecommunications (General) Amendment No. 41.

Trade Practices Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 325.

Wool Tax (Administration) Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 414, 422.