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The Deputy further addressed the Members of both Houses as follows: MEMBERS OF THE SENATE AND MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES:

I have it in command from the Governor-General to let you know that, after certain Members of the Senate and Members of the House of Representatives shall have been sworn, the causes of His Excellency calling this Parliament will be declared by him in person at this place; and, it being necessary that a Speaker of the House of Representatives shall be first chosen, you, Members of the House of Representatives, will retire to the place where you are to sit, and there proceed to the choice of some proper person to be your Speaker; and later this day you will present the person whom you shall so choose to His Excellency at such time and place as he shall appoint.

I will attend in the House of Representatives for the purpose of administering the oath or affirmation of allegiance to Honourable Members of that House.

The Deputy then retired.

The Members of the House of Representatives also retired.