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The Minister for Social Security (Senator Grimes) laid upon the Table the following Papers: Administrative Review Council-The Structure and Form of Social Security Appeals- Report to the Attorney-General, dated 12 April 1984 (No. 21).

Statement by the Attorney-General, dated 3 October 1984.

Advisory Council for Inter-government Relations Act-Advisory Council for Inter-government Relations-Report on Responsibilities and Resources of Australian Local Government (Report 7), dated February 1984.

Australian Telecommunications Commission-Review of Matters Affecting the Australian Telecommunications Commission (Telecom)-Report to the Special Minister of State by Mr F. H. R. Vincent, Q.C.-Government Response.

Department of the Treasury-Annual Report (6th), for year 1983-84.

Expenditure-House of Representatives Standing Committee-Report on The Way We P(l)ay: Commonwealth Assistance for Sport and Recreation- Government Response.

Statement by the Minister for Sport, Recreation and Tourism.

National Debt Sinking Fund Act-National Debt Commission-Annual Report (61st), together with financial statements and the Auditor-General's Report thereon, for year 1983-84.

Program Presentation of Appropriations and Outlays-Departmental Estimates 1984-85- Information Document by the Minister for Finance, the Hon. J. S. Dawkins, M.P., dated September 1984.

Statement by the Minister for Finance.

Repatriation Act-Repatriation Commission-Annual Report, for year 1983-84.

Seat of Government (Administration) Act-Criminal Injuries Compensation Ordinance-Annual Report, for year 1983-84.