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The following Papers were presented: Aboriginal Councils and Associations Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 225.

Air Force Act-Regulation-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 226.

Audit Act-Corrigendum to the Report of the Auditor-General upon Audits, Examinations and Inspections under the Audit and other Acts, dated 3 September 1984.

Australian Citizenship Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 252.

Canberra College of Advanced Education Act-Statute-No. 54-Staff Superannuation Amendment 1984.

Companies Act-Regulation-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 246.

Companies (Acquisition of Shares-Fees) Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 243, 244.

Companies (Fees) Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 245.

Defence Act- Determinations 1984- No. 39-Bindoon Allowance.

No. 40-Recreation Leave and another.

No. 41-Representation Allowance.

No. 42-Entertainment Allowance.

No. 43-Insurance on Removal Overseas.

No. 44-In Port Allowance and another.

Regulation-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 227.

Defence Amendment Act-Interim Determinations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 236, 237, 238, 239.

Designs Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 256.

Director of Public Prosecutions Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 249.

Federal Court of Australia Act-Rules of Court-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 258.

Fisheries Act- Fisheries Notices- No. 124-Prohibition relating to the taking of southern rock lobsters from south-eastern Australian waters.

No. 126-Prohibition relating to the taking of southern bluefin tuna from proclaimed waters.

Regulation-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 233.

Judiciary Act-Rule of Court, dated 13 September 1984.

Lands Acquisition Act-Statements (2) by the Minister describing lands acquired by agreement under sub-section 7 (1) of the Act, for specified public purposes.

Life Insurance Act-Regulation-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 248.

Maternity Leave (Commonwealth Employees) Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 235.

Migration Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 251.

National Gallery Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 250.

National Health Act-Corrigendum to Annual Report 1982-83 on Operations of the Registered Medical Benefits and Hospital Benefits Organisations.

National Measurement Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 231, 232.

Naval Defence Act-Regulation-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 228.

Patents Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 254.

Postal Services Act-By-laws 1984-Postal (Staff) (Amendment) No. 2.

Protection of the Sea (Shipping Levy) Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 257.

Public Service Act- Determinations 1984-Nos 33, 34, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42.

Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 234, 247, 253.

Remuneration Tribunals Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 229.

Seat of Government (Administration) Act- Determination made under the following Ordinance-Sewerage Rates, dated 10 September 1984.

Notice of Variation of the Plan of Layout of the City of Canberra and its Environs (82nd Series), dated 12 September 1984.

Ordinances 1984- No. 49-Agents (Amendment).

No. 50-Mental Health (Amendment).

Securities Industry (Fees) Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 242.

Social Security and Repatriation Legislation Amendment Act (1984)-Notice by Minister fixing 24 October 1984 as the date on which Part V shall come into operation.

States Grants (Petroleum Products) Act-Amendments of the Schedules to the subsidy schemes in relation to the States, dated 3 September 1984 and 12 September 1984.

States Grants (Schools Assistance) Act (1982)-Statement by the Minister of a direction under sub-section 16 (2), dated 23 August 1984.

Superannuation Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 Nos 240, 241.

Telecommunications Act-By-laws-Telecommunications (Charging Zones and Charging Districts) Amendment No. 48.

Trade Marks Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 255.

Trade Practices Act-Regulation-Statutory Rules 1984 No. 230.