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The Leader of the Australian Democrats (Senator Chipp), by leave, gave a Notice of Motion, as follows: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate- (a) notes that the Australian Heritage Commission Report released on 12 September 1984 recommends that the wet tropic region of North-East Queensland (including the Daintree rainforest) be nominated for inclusion in the World Heritage List because it fulfils all the criteria set out in the World Heritage Convention;

(b) notes that the Queensland wet tropic rainforests include: (i) the most diverse rainforests in Australia,

(ii) a rare association of fringing coral reefs and rainforested coastline in the Cape Tribulation area,

(iii) 13 families of primitive flowering plants which give the area the highest concentration of such families on earth,

(iv) the highest diversity of animal life of any area in Australia and the only habitat for numerous species that are regarded as threatened,

(v) elements of plant life that relate to the 4 major stages in the earth's evolutionary history, dating back more than 35 million years,

(vi) important clues to the problem of origin, evolution and migration of the flowering plants,

(vii) a record of the extreme effect of the Pleistocene glacial periods on tropical rainforest vegetation,

(viii) the only remaining recognised Australian Aboriginal rainforest culture and therefore a significant component of the cultural record of Aboriginal society, and

(ix) many features of outstanding natural beauty;

(c) notes that the Queensland Government has made it clear that Queensland will not nominate any areas of Queensland for the World Heritage List;

(d) condemns the Federal Government's response to the environmental desecration of Queensland rainforest as pathetic, a blatant political act and an abdication of responsibility for the natural heritage of this nation; and

(e) calls on the Minister for Home Affairs and Environment to resign because of his total abandonment of the Daintree rainforest.