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The Minister for Social Security (Senator Grimes) laid upon the Table the following Papers: Australian National Animal Health Laboratory-The Future Operation of the Australian National Animal Health Laboratory-Report to the Ministerial Committee on the Australian National Animal Health Laboratory by the Advisory Committee, dated February 1984.

Statement by the Minister for Science and Technology, dated 10 September 1984.

Australian Telecommunications Commission-Review of Matters Affecting the Australian Telecommunications Commission (Telecom)-Report to the Special Minister of State by Mr F. H. R. Vincent, Q.C., dated June 1984.

Statement by the Special Minister of State, dated 10 September 1984.

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet-Annual Report, for year 1983-84.

Federated Ship Painters and Dockers Union-Royal Commission-Transition to National Crime Authority-Correspondence (21 documents).

Koalas-Conditions for export-Paper by the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Migration Programs and World Population Conference- International conference on population, Mexico City, August 1984-Copy of Australia's statement to the conference.

Selected characteristics of the population of Australia-Chart.

Statement by the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, dated 7 September 1984, together with 3 attachments.

Superannuation Fund Investment Trust-State of the Fund-Minute from Mr I. Castles, Secretary, Department of Finance, to the Minister for Finance, dated 5 September 1984.