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The following petitions, lodged with the Clerk by the Senators indicated, were received: Senator Reid, from 99 petitioners praying that the Senate take action to restrict the viewing of certain films, video tapes and printed material.

Senator Reid, from 92 petitioners praying that the Senate disallow certain amendments to the Customs Regulations and introduce legislation which adequately reflects community attitudes towards hard-core pornography.

Senator Walters, from 656 petitioners praying that the Senate request the Government to honour its obligation to protect Australia's children by reversing its decision to remove barriers to the importation of hard-core pornography.

Senator Bjelke-Petersen, from 93 petitioners praying that the decision to allow privileges and travel entitlements to homosexual staff of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation be reversed.

Senator Reid, from 167 petitioners praying that the Senate disallow certain regulations and ordinances dealing with publications and video materials, that action be taken to enforce existing laws, that further measures be taken in association with the States and that the censors more appropriately reflect reasonable and responsible community attitudes.

Senator Zakharov, from 32 petitioners praying that the Senate legislate to close the Joint Australian-United States electronic communications facilities at the Watsonia Army Barracks, Victoria.

Senators Collard and Reid, from 81 and 41 petitioners, respectively, praying that the Australian flag be not changed except with the consent of the people in a referendum.

Senator Zakharov, from 36 petitioners praying that legislation for any plant variety rights system which gives exclusive ownership rights over seeds to individuals, organisations or enterprises be not passed.

Senator Archer, from 362 petitioners praying that the existing Australian National Flag be not changed.

Senator Bjelke-Petersen, from 525 petitioners praying that a conscience vote be permitted to all members of Parliament on issues relating to the prevention of the importation and sale of hard-core pornography.

Senator Reid, from 583 petitioners praying that the Federal Government take action to support civil, political and human rights in the Polish Peoples' Republic.

Senator Lajovic, from 572 petitioners praying that the proposal to build an airport in the North-Western region of Sydney, commonly called Scheyville, be rejected and that the findings of the MANS Committee be endorsed.

Senators Chipp, Jack Evans, Macklin and Mason, from 295, 297, 297 and 299 petitioners, respectively, praying that the Senate support the Australian Capital Territory Smoking and Tobacco Products Advertisements Prohibition Bill 1983.