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The following Papers were presented: Conciliation and Arbitration Act-Directions issued by the Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations under sub-section 125 (5) of the Act-Published in Gazette No. S 139, dated 4 July 1983.

Navigation Act-Marine Orders 1983- No. 15-Part 23-(Equipment-Miscellaneous and Safety Measures)

No. 16-Part 21-(Equipment-Navigational)

No. 17-Part 31-(Ship Surveys and Certification)

No. 18-Part 20-(Ship Machinery)

No. 19-Part 25-(Equipment-Life-Saving)

No. 20-Part 26-(Equipment-Communication)

No. 21-Part 29-(Emergency Procedures and Safety of Navigation)

No. 22-Part 33-(Cargo and Cargo Handling-Grain)

No. 23-Part 13-(Ship Stability and Subdivision)

No. 24-Part 15-(Ship Fire Protection, Fire Detection and Fire Extinction)

Public Service Arbitration Act-Determinations by the Arbitrator, accompanied by statements regarding possible inconsistency with the law-1983- No. 347-Meat Inspectors' Association, Commonwealth Public Service.

No. 348-Australian Theatrical and Amusement Employees Association.

Nos 349 and 350-Administrative and Clerical Officers' Association, Commonwealth Public Service and others.

Nos 351 and 352-Association of Drafting, Supervisory and Technical Employees and others.

Nos 353 to 359-Royal Australian Nursing Federation and another.

No. 360-Professional Radio and Electronics Institute of Australasia.*

No. 361-Australian Public Service Association (Fourth Division Officers).

No. 362-Federated Furnishing Trade Society of Australasia.*

No. 363-Australian Public Service Artisans' Association.

No. 364-Amalgamated Metals Foundry and Shipwrights' Union and others.*

No. 365-Australian Public Service Association (Fourth Division Officers).

No. 366-Administrative and Clerical Officers' Association, Australian Government Employment and others.

(* Not accompanied by a statement)

Remuneration Tribunals Act-Remuneration Tribunal-Determinations 1983-No. 6-Remuneration and Allowances for Holders of Public Offices.