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Order of the Day read for the adjourned debate on the motion of the Minister for Education and Youth Affairs (Senator Ryan)-That this Bill be now read a second time.

Debate resumed.

Senator Durack moved an amendment, viz: At end of motion, add '', but the Senate, whilst welcoming the intention of the Bill to remove discrimination against people on the basis of their sex, marital status or pregnancy, is of the opinion that:

(a) the Bill should not rely on the external affairs power as a head of power;

(b) Australia's signature to the United Nations Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women should not be used to extend the powers of the Commonwealth;

(c) the removal of discrimination against people on the basis of sex should be recognised as not obliging anyone to enter the paid workforce or alter their view of their responsibilities towards their spouses or children;

(d) no decision or action by any educational or child care or other body established for the education of students or the care of children in accordance with the doctrines of a religion or creed or in accordance with stated principles should be affected where that decision or action has been taken in good faith to enable the body to conform with those doctrines or principles;

(e) nothing in the Bill should be taken as approving those articles of the Convention which are not implemented by the Bill; and

(f) the clauses of the Bill should be re-drafted accordingly''.

Debate continued.

Senator Lewis addressing the Chair

And it being 10.30 p.m.-