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The Senate, according to Order, resolved itself into Committee for the consideration of the Bill.

In the Committee

The Minister for Industry and Commerce (Senator Button) moved- (1) That clauses 1 to 9 and Schedule 1 be postponed till after the consideration of Schedule 2.

(2) That, unless otherwise ordered, the Votes in Schedule 2 be considered in the same groupings and order as the departmental estimates referred to Estimates Committees A, B, C, D, E and F, respectively, as follows:





Group A

400-404Industry and Commerce 178,943,000

500-516Prime Minister and Cabinet 73,855,000

287-290Employment and Industrial Relations 518,441,000

220-224Communications 376,673,000

Group B

560-561Social Security 653,298,000

360-365Immigration and Ethnic Affairs 153,455,000

352-356Housing and Construction 313,106,000

245 Buildings and Works (Defence) 150,538,000

246 Repairs and Maintenance (Defence) 77,916,000

248 Housing for Servicemen (Defence) 5,300,000

258 Buildings and Works (Defence Support) 59,331,000

259 Repairs and Maintenance (Defence Support) 13,823,000

325-329Health 493,045,000

Group C

520-525Resources and Energy 101,878,000

640-644Trade 301,577,000

670-678Treasury 458,586,000

490-497Primary Industry 146,912,000

304-306Finance 59,287,000

310 Advance to the Minister for Finance 150,000,000

312 Minister for Finance-Special Funds 53,000,000

Group D

270-284Education and Youth Affairs 730,303,000

590-592Sport, Recreation and Tourism 43,600,000

540-554Science and Technology 521,304,000

330-349Home Affairs and Environment 152,989,000

120-125Aboriginal Affairs 185,775,000

Group E

165-192Attorney-General's 208,671,000

575-581Special Minister of State 207,955,000

315-319Foreign Affairs 910,031,000

230-243Defence 4,273,981,000

255-257Defence Support 310,333,000

Group F

690-693Veterans' Affairs 707,504,000

664-668Transport 183,810,000

193-194Aviation 430,812,000

130-132Administrative Services 363,091,000

250 Rent (Defence) 56,200,000

252 Acquisition of Sites and Buildings (Defence) 22,000,000

260 Rent (Defence Support) 1,423,000

261 Acquisition of Sites and Buildings (Defence Support) 310,000

620-628Territories and Local Government 141,997,000

(3) That leave be given to Senators to move motions expressing opinions or making recommendations based on the Reports of the Estimates Committees; that such motions be moved when the appropriate Vote is under consideration; that where more than one motion is proposed in relation to a particular Vote, the motions may be debated together, but in all cases a motion or motions shall be disposed of before the Question is put on the Vote before the Chair; and that any Resolutions be reported when the Chairman makes his Report to the President at the conclusion of proceedings in Committee of the Whole.

Question-put and passed.

Schedule 2 read- Group A- Divisions 400-404, Department of Industry and Commerce, $178,943,000, debated and passed without requests.

Divisions 500-516, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, $73,855,000, passed without requests.

Divisions 287-290, Department of Employment and Industrial Relations, $518,441,000, debated.

Ordered-That the Temporary Chairman of Committees (Senator Colston) report progress and ask leave to sit again.

The Deputy-President resumed the Chair; and Senator Colston reported that the Committee had considered the Bill, made progress, and asked leave to sit again.

Ordered-That the Committee have leave to sit again at a later hour of the day.