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The following petitions, lodged with the Clerk by the Senators indicated, were received: Senators Bjelke-Petersen, Boswell, Button, Chaney, Durack, Dame Margaret Guilfoyle, Hamer and Richardson, from 139, 35, 41, 458, 681, 14, 48 and 174 petitioners, respectively, praying that the Senate amend the Sex Discrimination Bill 1983 to prevent it from being used in support of deliberately procured abortions.

Senator Walters, from 7 petitioners praying that the United Nations Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women be not ratified.

Senator Childs, from 78 petitioners praying that action be taken to discontinue uranium mining in Australia, and in particular the Roxby Downs uranium mine development, and that a moratorium on uranium mining and treatment be declared.

Senator Baume, from 93 petitioners praying that the proposal to build an airport in the North-Western region of Sydney, commonly called Scheyville, be rejected and that the findings of the MANS Committee be endorsed.

Senator Childs, from 56 petitioners praying that the Senate legislate to ensure that no nuclear weapons are allowed into Australia, that all uranium mining cease in Australia and that the Senate urge the Government to encourage the United States and the Soviet Union to stop the nuclear arms race.

Senator Harradine, from 20 petitioners praying that the Senate request the Government to communicate to the Government of the USSR the wish of the petitioners that the Church of Mary Queen of Peace be restored to the Catholics of Klaipeda in Lithuania.