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The Minister for Education and Youth Affairs (Senator Ryan) laid upon the Table the following Papers: Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act-Aboriginal Land Commissioner-Annual Report for year 1981-82.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Act- Australian Bureau of Statistics-Annual Report for year 1982-83.

Australian Statistics Advisory Council-Annual Report, for year 1982-83.

Australian Marine Sciences and Technologies Advisory Committee-Report for period 1 May 1981 to 31 December 1982.

Australian National University Act-Australian National University-Interim Annual Report of the Council, for year 1982.

Canberra College of Advanced Education Act-Canberra College of Advanced Education- Volume I-Report of the Council, for year 1982.

Volume II-Financial statements and the Auditor-General's Report thereon, for year 1982.

Canberra Development Board-Annual Report (3rd), for year 1981-82.

Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission- Annual Report (1st), for year 1982.

Statement by the Minister for Education and Youth Affairs (Senator Ryan).

Department of Finance-Annual Report, for year 1982-83.

Department of Science and Technology-Annual Report, for year 1982-83.

Foreign Affairs and Defence-Joint Committee-Government Responses to the following Reports: The Gulf and Australia.


Industries Assistance Commission-Report-Certain Pigment Dyestuffs and Colour Lakes (Developing Country Preferences), dated 24 June 1983 (No. 324).

Lobbyists and the Australian Government and Parliament-A Discussion Paper, dated September 1983.

Papua New Guinea (Staffing Assistance) Act-Papua New Guinea Superannuation Scheme and the Contract Officers Retirement Benefits Scheme-Annual Report by the Commissioner for Superannuation on the General Administration and Operation of the Schemes, for year 1981-82.

Trade Practices Act-Trade Practices Commission-Annual Report (9th), for year 1982-83.

United Nations-Report of the Australian Delegation to the 37th Session of the General Assembly, New York, 21 September to 21 December 1982.