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Senator Elstob, pursuant to Notice of Motion not objected to as a Formal Motion, moved- (1) That, notwithstanding anything contained in the Standing Orders, and in order to enable the Standing Committee on Social Welfare to-

(a) complete its inquiry into children and youth under institutional and other forms of care, commenced in the previous Parliament and continued in this Parliament; and

(b) undertake the inquiry into retirement income systems which was referred to it on Tuesday, 6 September 1983, with the requirement that the Committee report on or before the first sitting day in August 1984,

the Committee consist of 8 Senators, 4 being members of the Government to be nominated by the Leader of the Government, and 4 being Senators who are not members of the Government, to be nominated by the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate or by any minority group or groups or independent Senator or independent Senators.

(2) That nothing in the foregoing Resolution affect the appointments to the Committee of Senators who are at present members of the Committee.

Question-put and passed.