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The Minister for Industry and Commerce (Senator Button), laid upon the Table the following Papers: Industries Assistance Commission-Reports- Abattoir and Meat Processing Industry, dated 28 January 1983 (No. 313).

Certain Iron and Steel Products and Certain Alloy Steel Products, dated 25 May 1983 (No. 321).

Dairy Industry-Extension of Underwriting for 1983-84 Season (Interim Report), dated 11 May 1983 (No. 319).

Gelatin (Developing Country Preferences), dated 22 December 1982 (No. 311).

Grain Harvesters, dated 18 May 1983 (No. 320).

Non-Electrical Absorption Type Refrigerators and Freezers and Parts, dated 19 November 1982 (No. 310).

Rural Adjustment (Interim Report), dated 26 April 1983 (No. 318).

Sodium Alkylxanthates and Potassium Alkylxanthates (Developing Country Preferences), dated 17 June 1983 (No. 322).

Sugar Industry (Interim Report), dated 18 February 1983 (No. 314).

Transformers (Developing Country Preferences), dated 11 October 1982 (No. 308).

Industries Assistance Commission Act-Temporary Assistance Authority- Reports- Agricultural Wheeled Tractors, dated 31 March 1983 (No. 60).

Certain Ceramic Floor and Wall Tiles, dated 19 May 1983 (No. 61).

Fluorescent and Filament Lamps, dated 24 March 1983 (No. 59).

Injection Moulding Machines and Parts, dated 3 March 1983 (No. 58).

Salaries and Wages Pause Act-2nd Report-Statement on the operation of the Act by the Leader of the Government (Senator Button).