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The Acting Leader of the Government (Senator Grimes), at the request of the Leader of the Government (Senator Button) and pursuant to Notice of Motion not objected to as a Formal Motion, moved-That, in pursuance of section 13 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth, the Senators chosen for each State shall be divided into two classes, as follows: (1) The name of the Senator first elected shall be placed first on the Senators' Roll for each State and the name of the Senator next elected shall be placed next, and so on in rotation.

(2) The Senators whose names are placed first, second, third, fourth and fifth on the Roll shall be Senators of the second class, that is, the long-term Senators, and Senators whose names are placed sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth on the Roll shall be Senators of the first class, that is, the short-term Senators.

Question-put and passed.