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Notices of Motion were given, as follows- Senator Mulvihill: That, on the next day of sitting, he would move-That the Senate is of the opinion that, during the consideration of the Particulars of Proposed Additional Expenditure for 1982-83, the appropriate Estimates Committee should call upon the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs to provide a detailed report on the industrial conditions that apply in the employment of Vietnamese migrants on Victorian farms and orchards.

Senator Haines: That, on the next day of sitting, she would move-That the Senate - (a) notes with concern the alarming incidence of sexual and emotional abuse of children, particularly within family units;

(b) deplores the lack of available support mechanisms for these children and their families; and

(c) requests that action be taken to investigate the matter, collect statistical data, and provide recommendations for overcoming the problem.

Senator Coates: That, on the next day of sitting, he would move-That the Senate: (a) notes that, 2 December 1982 is the tenth anniversary of the significant day in Australia's history, 2 December 1972, on which the Australian Labor Party was elected to be the Government of Australia for the first time in 23 years;

(b) regrets that many of the hopes and aspirations of that Government and of the Australian people were prevented at the time by an obstructionist Opposition in the Senate, while others, though implemented at the time, have been reversed by the present Government;

(c) notes with pride that at least some of the achievements and reforms of the Government elected on 2 December 1972 have remained unscathed;

(d) acknowledges that the Australian Labor Party, when it comes to government in 1983, will have benefited immensely from the valuable lessons of that three-year , two-half-terms, experience of government and of the seven years since; and

(e) sends greetings to those former members of the House of Representatives and the Senate who were part of that magnificent victory ten years ago.

Senator Siddons: That, on the next day of sitting, he would move-That the Senate is of the opinion that any action taken in the short-term by the Government to curb the growing number of unemployed should be accompanied by long-term structural changes to the economy.