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The following petitions, lodged with the Clerk by the Senators indicated, were received: Senator Bonner, from 617 petitioners praying that the Senate request the Government to hold a referendum on the question that the entire area of the Great Barrier Reef and its surrounding waters be immediately declared a marine park under the provisions of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Act 1975.

Senators Bonner and Haines, from 34 and 76 petitioners of Queensland and South Australia, respectively, praying that the maintenance of an efficient, effective public telegram service be ensured.

Senators Bonner, Mason, Childs, Chipp, Colston, Robert Ray, Giles, Haines, Missen and Primmer, from 27, 17, 17, 26, 19, 13, 19, 21, 17 and 19 petitioners, respectively, praying that the Parliament urge the Government to establish a Royal Commission to investigate the effects on Vietnam veterans of the use of toxic chemicals in the Vietnam war.

Senator Reid, from 83 petitioners praying that the Government of the Soviet Union be requested to release Mr Mart Niklus from a Soviet labour camp and facilitate his entry into Australia.

Senator Giles, from 110 petitioners praying that a post office be located at West Gosnells Shopping Forum, Western Australia.