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Order of the Day read for the adjourned debate on the Question-That this Bill be now read a second time.

Senator Ryan moved an amendment, viz: At end of motion, add '', but the Senate- (a) deplores the Government's failure to protect the value of social security pensions, benefits and payments generally; and

(b) is of the opinion that the Bill should also provide for- (i) greater increases in payments to the under-18 unemployed,

(ii) increases in payments for children to maintain the real value of those payments,

(iii) eligibility for mobility allowances for disabled persons working 18 hours a week, and

(iv) an end to the discrimination against the unemployed''.

Debate continued.

Senator Haines moved an amendment to the proposed amendment, viz: After sub- paragraph (iv), add:

''(v) unemployed people to undertake training courses for up to 16 hours per week (instead of the present limit of 8 hours per week) before becoming ineligible for unemployment benefits, and

(vi) unemployed people to receive unemployment benefits while they are engaged in setting up a small business with the purpose of becoming self-employed but before they derive an income from that business''.

Debate continued.

Question-That the words proposed to be added be added (Senator Haines' amendment )-put and passed.

Question-That the words proposed to be added be added (Senator Ryan's amendment, as amended)-put and passed.

Main Question, as amended-put and passed.

Bill read a second time.

The Senate, according to Order, resolved itself into Committee for the consideration of the Bill.

In the Committee

Bill, by leave, taken as a whole and agreed to.

Bill to be reported without amendment.

The Deputy-President (Senator McClelland) resumed the Chair; and the Temporary Chairman of Committees (Senator Colston) reported accordingly.

On the motion of the Minister for Social Security (Senator Chaney) the Report from the Committee was adopted.

Senator Chaney moved-That this Bill be now read a third time.

Debate ensued.

Question-put and passed.

Bill read a third time.