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Order of the Day read for the adjourned debate on the Question-That this Bill be now read a second time.

The Leader of the Opposition in the Senate (Senator Button) moved an amendment, viz: Leave out all words after ''That'', insert- ''(a) this Bill be referred to the Standing Committee on Education and the Arts for report by 16 November 1982;

(b) the Committee take into account (i) the Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission reference to the declining participation rate in tertiary education and the contribution which the inadequacy of the Tertiary Education Assistance Scheme makes to this alarming development, and (ii) the finding of the study on tertiary student finances that the proportion of tertiary students of less privileged backgrounds is declining; and

(c) the Committee report on (i) the proposed agreements between the Government and certain banks, and (ii) the need to provide for regular and automatic adjustments to the Tertiary Education Assistance Scheme to prevent the proposed loans scheme from replacing the Tertiary Education Assistance Scheme as the basic form of student assistance''.

Debate ensued.

On the motion of the Minister for Education (Senator Peter Baume) the debate was adjourned.

Ordered-That the resumption of the debate be an Order of the Day for the next day of sitting.