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The following Papers were presented, pursuant to Statute: Australian Bureau of Statistics Act-Australian Bureau of Statistics-Proposals 1982-No. 8-New Topics to be Included in the Monthly Population Survey-March and April, 1983.

Lands Acquisition Act-Statement by the Minister, describing land acquired by agreement under sub-section 7 (1) of the Act, for specified public purposes.

Public Service Arbitration Act-Determinations by the Arbitrator, accompanied by statements regarding possible inconsistency with the law-1982-

No. 414-Royal Australian Nursing Federation.*

No. 415-Australian Public Service Artisans' Association.

No. 416-Australian Workers' Union.*

No. 417-Federated Miscellaneous Workers Union of Australia.*

No. 418-Commonwealth Foremen's Association.*

No. 419-Commonwealth Foremen's Association of Australia, Australian Public Service.*

No. 420-Association of Draughting, Supervisory and Technical Employees.*

No. 421-Commonwealth Works Supervisors Association.*

No. 422-Printing and Kindred Industries Union.

No. 423-Australasian Society of Engineers.

No. 424-Australian Public Service Artisans' Association and another.

No. 425-Merchant Service Guild of Australia.

No. 426-Royal Australian Nursing Federation.*

Nos 427 to 429-Association of Draughting, Supervisory and Technical Employees.

No. 430-Transport Workers' Union of Australia.*

(* Not accompanied by statement.)

States Grants (Petroleum Products) Act-Amendments of the schedules to the subsidy scheme in relation to the States of New South Wales (2), Queensland (2) and Western Australia, dated 23 August 1982.