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The Minister for Finance (Senator Dame Margaret Guilfoyle), by Command of His Excellency the Governor-General, laid upon the Table the following Papers:

Australian Capital Territory-Joint Committee-Report on Energy Use, Distribution and Conservation in the A.C.T.-Government Response- Statement by the Minister for the Capital Territory (Mr Hodgman).

Australian Capital Territory Schools Authority-Annual Report, together with financial statements and the Auditor-General's Report thereon, for year 1979-80.

Australian Development Assistance Bureau-Development Co-operation-Annual Review, for year 1980-81.

Australian Embassy, Tehran-Investigation by Department of Finance into allegations of improper financial dealing- Report (and Appendixes), dated 15 July 1982.

Statement by the Minister for Foreign Affairs (Mr Street), dated 26 August 1982.

Australian Broadcasting Tribunal-Cable and Subscription Television Services for Australia-Report of Inquiry, dated August 1982-

Main Conclusions and Recommendations (Extract from Report).

Volume 1-Report (Part A).

Volume 2-Report (Part B).

Volume 3-Appendixes.

Volume 4-Demand Studies.

Volume 5-Social, Economic and Education Studies.

Department of Science and Technology-Annual Report, for year 1981-82.

Industries Assistance Commission-Reports- Fluorescent and Filament Lamps, dated 25 February 1982 (No. 298).

Miscellaneous Manufacturing Group B: Dolls, Toys and Models, dated 10 December 1981 (No. 290).

Miscellaneous Manufacturing Group C: Articles of Adornment, including Clothing and Toilet Accessories, etc., dated 2 December 1981 (No. 288).

Marine Sciences and Technologies Research Grants Scheme-Queen's Fellowships and Marine Research Allocations Advisory Committee-Report of Grants Approved for 1981-82.

Senator Dame Margaret Guilfoyle, pursuant to Statute, laid upon the Table the following Papers:

Commonwealth Functions (Statutes Review) Act-Legislative Drafting Institute- Report, together with financial statements and the Auditor-General's Report thereon, for period 1 July 1981 to 8 December 1981.

National Water Resources (Financial Assistance) Act-Documents in relation to the provision of financial assistance for projects in connection with the development and management of water resources (1981-82) to Queensland, dated 24 June 1982; South Australia, dated 2 June 1982; and Tasmania, dated 28 June 1982.

Parliament Act-Proposals, together with a site plan and design sketches (4), for the construction within the Parliamentary Zone of extensions to Commonwealth Avenue, Kings Avenue and Melbourne Avenue, land axis bridges, intersection improvements and other works.

Repatriation Act-Repatriation Commission-Annual Report, for year 1981-82.

Trade Practices Act-Trade Practices Commission-Annual Report (8th) for year 1981 -82.

Urban and Regional Development (Financial Assistance) Act-Amending Agreement in relation to the provision of financial assistance to the State of New South Wales for Urban Expansion and Redevelopment (Bathurst-Orange), dated 12 July 1982.