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The Leader of the Australian Democrats (Senator Chipp), by leave, gave a Notice of Motion, as follows-That, in the opinion of the Senate, the Government is failing in its responsibility to provide adequate income support for Australian families and single people in need and that the Government should consider the following measures as a matter of urgency but no later than in the Budget for the year 1982-83:

(1) Increasing child allowances for pensioners and recipients of benefits from $ 10 to $13 per week.

(2) Providing guardian allowances for children of lone parents who are in receipt of unemployment or sickness benefits.

(3) Increasing all guardians' allowances from $6 and $8 to $15 per week.

(4) Providing supplementary rent allowance to all recipients of unemployment benefits after 8 weeks unemployment.

(5) Increasing all supplementary rent allowances from $8 to $16 per week.

(6) Increasing housing grants to the States by a total of $182 million.

(7) Providing the fringe benefits now available to pensioners also to recipients of unemployment, sickness and special benefits after 8 weeks' unemployment, sickness or the commencement of special benefits.

(8) Increasing unemployment and sickness benefits for people aged 16 and 17 from $36 to a mid-point between $36 and the adult unemployment rate for young people living at home, plus $15 for people living away from home.

(9) Increasing the rate of unemployment benefit for single adults without dependents to the same level as pensions as a first step to lifting all pensions and benefits above the Henderson ''poverty line''.

(10) Increasing permissible income levels for all pensioners and beneficiaries to $40 for single beneficiaries and $67 for married couples, with an allowance of $6 per week per child.

(11) Indexing all pensions and benefits on a six-monthly basis as a first step towards quarterly indexation.

(12) Combining reforms (1) to (11) with reforms designed to achieve a more equitable taxation and social security system as a first step towards the development of a guaranteed minimum income scheme, by taking these measures as a matter of urgency:

(a) reducing income tax to be offset by increased revenue in 1982-83 and by increasing sales tax (excluding items classified by the United Nations as ' necessities of life');

(b) introducing a capital gains tax (except on homes used as a principal residence) and with provisions protecting income-producing assets, small farms and small businesses up to cut-off points linked to income levels derived from those assets;

(c) introducing a mining resource tax levied at the pithead; and

(d) making a systematic attack on tax avoidance schemes including retrospective application of new legislative measures following specific identification and warning of the types of schemes to be affected by the legislation.