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The Senate, according to Order, resolved itself into Committee for the further consideration of the Third Report of the Standing Orders Committee for the Sixtieth Session.

In the Committee

Consideration resumed of Item 3 (Petitions)-And of the motion moved by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Minister for Health (Senator Peter Baume), viz: That the existing Sessional Order relating to Petitions be replaced by the proposed Sessional Order, shown in Appendix D of the Report, viz:

''Notwithstanding anything contained in the Standing Orders, the procedure for the presentation of petitions is varied, as follows:

(1) A Senator wishing to present a petition shall lodge it with the Clerk.

(2) The Clerk shall make an announcement in respect of peitions lodged with him, indicating in respect of each petition the Senator who presents it, the number of signatures, the identity of the petitioners and the subject matter of the petition.

(3) Every petition so presented shall be deemed to have been received by the Senate unless a motion, moved forthwith, that a particular petition be not received, be agreed to.

(4) The terms of the petitions presented shall be printed in Hansard.''.

Debate ensued.

And it being eleven p.m.: The Temporary Chairman of Committees (Senator Coleman) , under Sessional Order, put the Question-That she do leave the Chair and report to the Senate.

Question-resolved in the affirmative.

The Acting Deputy-President (Senator Hamer) resumed the Chair; and Senator Coleman reported accordingly.