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Notices of Motion were given, as follows: Senator Grimes, at the request of the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate (Senator Button): No. 1-That, on the next day of sitting, he would move-That the Senate: (a) condemns the Government for ignoring totally the problem of land degradation;

(b) notes the withdrawal of the Commonwealth from the field of soil conservation as a result of a recommendation of the Review of Commonwealth Functions;

(c) calls on the Government to ensure that the States actively pursue anti- erosion and other measures to preserve agricultural land;

(d) demands that the Government support the States by allocating funds on a sufficient scale to make inroads into the problem of land degradation; and

(e) draws the attention of the Australian people to the Commonwealth's failure to acknowledge the seriousness of the land degradation problem which, if unchecked, will result in loss of agricultural production on a significant basis .

No. 2-That, on the next day of sitting, he would move-That the Senate: (a) expresses its grave concern at the decision of the Government to abolish all Federal decentralisation programmes;

(b) asserts the need for a carefully planned and continuing programme of decentralisation to relieve the pressures on our major cities and to raise the living standards of rural and provincial Australia; and

(c) censures the Government for ignoring the need for decentralisation and for its lack of encouragement to industry to relocate in rural areas.

No. 3-That, on the next day of sitting, he would move-That the Senate draws to the attention of the Government the plight of individuals and companies in the meat processing industry and demands that: (a) urgent action be taken to measure the impact on the economy of rural and provincial centres where abattoirs have either closed or been forced to retrench employees;

(b) a policy be formulated to rationalise the meat processing industry to prevent continuing distress and disruption to those involved directly and to the communities in which they live; and

(c) assistance be given to country communities to make up the loss of abattoirs jobs by encouraging the relocation of new industries in the affected regions.