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Notices of Motion were given, as follows-

The Leader of the Government in the Senate (Senator Sir John Carrick): That, on the next day of sitting, he would move-

(1) That the Particulars of Proposed Additional Expenditure for the Service of the Year ending on 30 June 1982 and the Particulars of Certain Proposed Additional Expenditure in respect of the Year ending on 30 June 1982 be referred forthwith to Estimates Committees for examination and report.

(2) That the Committees consider Proposed Additional Expenditure in the Estimates Committee groupings agreed to by Resolution of the Senate of 2 April 1981.

(3) That the Committees report to the Senate on or before Tuesday, 4 May 1982.

The Attorney-General (Senator Durack): That, on the next day of sitting, he would move-That leave be given to introduce a Bill for an Act to make various amendments of the statute law of the Commonwealth.

Senator Jessop: That, for the remainder of the current session, the following provisions apply with regard to Senate Select Committees-

(1) That, until one of the three current Senate Select Committees reports to the Senate, no more than three Select Committees be in existence at any one time.

(2) That, after the presentation to the Senate of the final report of one of the Select Committees, no more than two Select Committees be in existence at any one time.

(3) That, unless otherwise ordered, and subject to this Resolution, the terms of appointment of any new Select Committee provide for a membership of not more than four Senators.

Senator Teague: That, on the next day of sitting, he would move-That the following matter be referred to the Standing Committee on Education and the Arts : The development and implementation of a co-ordinated language policy for Australia.

Senator Robert Ray: That, on the next day of sitting, he would move-That the Senate-

(1) Condemns the scandalous announcement, by the Minister for Housing and Construction, that the Government will spend $300 000 in a propaganda campaign to publicise the Government's new housing policy, a campaign whose only beneficiaries could be the Victorian Liberal Party at next week's State election .

(2) Calls on the Government to-

(a) immediately abandon this reprehensible waste of taxpayers' funds, in line with its own now discredited rhetoric; and

(b) immediately redirect those funds from propping up the Victorian Liberal Party to supporting people in genuine need, by-

(i) such measures as increasing the miserly $500 000 allocated for 1981-82 to emergency relief agencies in the face of a demonstrated annual need for more than $12 million to be spent in that area,

(ii) providing the $40 000 required from the Commonwealth for the Youth Accommodation Services Pilot Scheme for Latrobe Valley young people to the end of the current financial year, or increasing spending on that Latrobe Valley project in the next financial year, or

(iii) raising the permissible income for unemployment benefits from the current ridiculously low level of $3 per week for under-18 year olds.

Senator McLaren: That, on the next day of sitting, he would move-That the Senate-

(1) Condemns the extravagant claims made by the South Australian Liberal Premier , Mr Tonkin, and his deputy, Mr Goldsworthy, about the proposed Roxby Downs uranium mine.

(2) Notes with concern-

(a) that these false claims have been fully exposed in the Roxby Downs Indenture Bill, which has now been referred to a South Australian Parliamentary Select Committee;

(b) that Mr Tonkin's claim of 6 February 1979 that at a conservative estimate the Roxby Downs project would create 20 000 jobs has now been exposed as incorrect, with only 2000 to 3000 jobs being mentioned in the Indenture Bill;

(c) Mr Tonkin's statement of 11 June 1980 that a township the size of Mt Isa with a present population of 26 000 people would be created when in actual fact the Indenture Bill provides for a town with a population of only 9000 people; and

(d) Mr Tonkin's statement in December 1981 that the State would receive $100 million per annum in royalties, which has been proved to be without credibility in view of the Indenture Bill revealing that the amount is likely to be around $ 20-$30 million at best.