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Notices of Motion were given, as follows-- Senator Foreman: That, on the next day of sitting, he would move--That the Senate--

(a) expresses its grave concern at the Industries Assistance Commission's recommendations to lower the level of protection for the motor vehicle industry; (b) condemns the Industries Assistance Commission for its total disregard for the welfare of car industry workers in Australia; and

(c) calls upon the Government to abolish the Industries Assistance Commission.

Senator McLaren: That, on the next day of sitting, he would move--That the Senate, as a States House--

(a) congratulates those members of the South Australian Legislative Council Select Committee inquiring into uranium who made dissenting reports to the South Australian Parliament on 11 November 1981;

(b) agrees with the dissenting report of Dr John Cornwall, Labor M.L.C., and Mr Norm Foster, Labor M.L.C., who stated they were opposed to uranium mining because:

(i) the development of the safe and safeguarded nuclear energy programme was somewhere between infancy and adolescence;

(ii) horrendous physical, financial and moral questions remained to be resolved, and

(iii) no adequate solutions for the indefinite disposal of high level nuclear waste were yet available; and

(c) supports the dissenting report of Mr L. Milne, Australian Democrat M.L.C., which opposes uranium mining in South Australia because of the dangers in the later stages of the nuclear fuel cycle.