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Order of the Day read for the adjourned debate on the Question--That this Bill be now read a second time.

Senator Ryan moved an amendment, viz: At end of motion, add "", but the Senate is of the opinion that--

(a) the Commonwealth Government is ignoring its primary obligation to the govern- ment school sector as stated in section 13 of the Schools Commission Act, especially in its neglect of Schools Commission advice that the continuing short- fall in capital funds for government schools is unacceptably high; (b) the advancement of one sector of Australia's schools should not be at the disadvantage of the other sector, whether public or private, as this will revive tensions within the community which disappeared with the introduction of the "needs' policy by the Labor Government in 1973; and

(c) the excessive and unplanned proliferation of new private schools beyond the demand for new places at a time of contraction of the school age population is wasteful of resources and will destabilise existing schools, creating "public resentment' as expressed by the Victorian Minister for Education''.

Question--That the words proposed to be added be added--put.

The Senate divided--

Ayes, 28

Senator-- Senator-- Bolkus McClelland Button McLaren Childs Macklin Coates Mason Coleman Mulvihill Colston Primmer Elstob Ray, Robert Evans Ryan Foreman Sibraa Georges Siddons Gietzelt Tate Giles Walsh Grimes Haines Teller: Jones Robertson

NOES, 27

Senator-- Senator-- Archer MacGibbon Baume Martyr Bjelke-Petersen Messner Bonner Missen Carrick Reid Chaney Scott Collard Teague Crichton-Browne Townley Guilfoyle, Walters Dame Margaret Watson Hamer Withers Hill Young Jessop Kilgariff Teller: Lewis Thomas

Amendment agreed to accordingly.

Main Question, as amended--put and passed.

Bill read a second time.

Ordered--That consideration of the Bill in Committee of the Whole be an Order of the Day for the next day of sitting.