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Thursday, 13 September 2018
Page: 33

The Senate divided. [12:34]

(The President—Senator Ryan)

DIVISION:AYES 32 (7 majority) NOES 25 PAIRS 0
Bilyk, CLBrown, CL
Chisholm, ACollins, JMA
Di Natale, RDodson, P
Faruqi, MGallacher, AM
Griff, SHanson-Young, SC
Hinch, DKeneally, KK
Ketter, CRKitching, K
Marshall, GMMcAllister, J
McCarthy, MMcKim, NJ
Moore, CMO'Neill, DM
Patrick, RLPolley, H
Pratt, LCRice, J
Siewert, RSingh, LM
Smith, DPBSteele-John, J
Storer, TRUrquhart, AE (teller)
Waters, LJWhish-Wilson, PS
Abetz, EAnning, F
Brockman, SBushby, DC (teller)
Cormann, MDuniam, J
Fawcett, DJFierravanti-Wells, C
Fifield, MPGichuhi, LM
Hume, JLeyonhjelm, DE
Macdonald, IDMcGrath, J
McKenzie, BMolan, AJ
Paterson, JReynolds, L
Ruston, ARyan, SM
Scullion, NGSeselja, Z
Smith, DAStoker, AJ
Williams, JR

Question agreed to.