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Wednesday, 29 November 2017
Page: 9279

Senator SIEWERT (Western AustraliaAustralian Greens Whip) (18:41): Senator Seselja asked me earlier whether I was going to move all of the amendments on sheet 8307 together. With some guidance from the chamber, I am happy to move them together and speak to them all at once. That will then involve the chair putting different questions differently, because some are 'stand as printed' et cetera. I am happy to try to facilitate the debate in that way, if that is acceptable to you, Chair.

The TEMPORARY CHAIR: To clarify, amendment (3), amendments (5) and (6), and amendments (8) and (9) on sheet 8307 will be moved at once?

Senator SIEWERT: Yes, if that is the will of the chamber.

The TEMPORARY CHAIR: Are you seeking leave to do that?

Senator SIEWERT: Yes, I am seeking leave to do that?

Leave granted.

The TEMPORARY CHAIR: Those three lots of amendments will be moved at once. Would you like the three lots voted on separately, Senator Siewert?