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Wednesday, 29 November 2017
Page: 9164

Senator BERNARDI (South Australia) (11:02): (In division) This is about upholding the standing orders. You've just made a ruling that those who call a division need to remain in the chamber. That's what you've just said. I'm telling you that the voices that called for the division are not here in the chamber. So, does the division stand or not?

Senator Wong: I rise on a point of order. Standing order 100(2) states very clearly:

A senator calling for a division shall not leave the chamber until the division has taken place.

I didn't see who called the division, but Senator Bernardi was in the chair. If that senator has left, I'd ask you to consider, and perhaps take advice, as to whether the division should proceed.

The CHAIR: Senator Leyonhjelm, on the same point of order?

Senator Leyonhjelm: On the point of order: Senator Bernardi was in the chair, at the other end of the chamber from me. There were several voices calling for it, including Senator Anning's.

The CHAIR: Thank you. I believe that we have met the two required voices, Senator Bernardi.