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Monday, 19 March 2012
Page: 2156

Senator KROGER (VictoriaChief Opposition Whip in the Senate) (17:29): I find it extraordinary, sitting here, given the constant abuse of the President that we have regrettably witnessed for a number of weeks, if not months now, to hear an explanation by the chair of the Senate Standing Committee of Privileges clarifying the role of the President in this matter, to have Senator Bob Brown sit here listening to that explanation of how the President's role has been misinterpreted and yet to have Senator Brown once again seek to undermine the position of the President and to undermine and abuse the individual who holds that office. I have to say that I find this contemptible. It is a reflection of Senator Brown's contempt for this whole process and contempt for the democracy of this place. Having said that, we have just heard the report, and Senator Brown himself has just sought to revisit the maligning of the President and the role of the committee and those that have sought to refer this matter to the Privileges Committee. May I add that it is not the first time that a matter has been referred to the Privileges Committee, and you would think it was by the way in which you have carried on, which only demonstrates, Senator Brown, that you have one huge glass jaw. Notwithstanding that, I would like to consider the report that has been brought down by Senator Johnston and seek leave to continue my remarks.

Senator Bob Brown: Mr Acting Deputy President Back, I rise on a point of order. Could you tell the chamber whether Senator Milne will be able to follow if that leave is given?

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT ( Senator Back ): Senator Milne will be given leave to speak.

Senator McLucas: Mr Acting Deputy President, on the point of order, could I seek some advice about what that will mean to the end of the debate?

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT: Certainly. What that will mean is that the debate will not be concluded but the debate will be adjourned for another time. If leave is not granted then the debate will continue now. Is leave granted for Senator Kroger to continue her remarks?

Leave not granted.