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Wednesday, 16 March 2005
Page: 7

Senator O’BRIEN (9:33 AM) —I had understood that this debate would be adjourned to a later hour. Let me explain the opposition’s position as to why that is the case. When this matter was drawn to my attention yesterday, we had not been consulted about this particular proposition and I sought information regarding the proposal. That information arrived at my office this morning. I have taken steps to initiate the necessary consultation that I believe I should undertake prior to simply dealing with the matter as expeditiously as possible. I would request that the government adjourn this matter to a later hour of the day, which would allow me to complete that process. I do not believe on the face of it that this matter is controversial, but I believe that I deserve the opportunity to undertake the necessary inquiries to ascertain that that is indeed the case. I do not wish to obstruct the progress of this matter unnecessarily, but it would be helpful if the debate on this proposal was adjourned.

Debate (on motion by Senator Ellison) adjourned.