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Thursday, 10 March 2005
Page: 53

Senator CHRIS EVANS (Leader of the Opposition in the Senate) (1:08 PM) —by leave—I move amendments (1) and (2) on sheet 4509 and amendment (1) on sheet 4510, as circulated in my name, on behalf of the opposition:

Sheet 4509

(1)    Schedule 1, item 8, page 4 (lines 8 to 11), omit section 38A, substitute:

38A  Parliamentary Librarian

         (1)    An office of Parliamentary Librarian is established by this section.

         (2)    The Parliamentary Librarian and the employees of the joint Department assisting the Parliamentary Librarian may be known as the Parliamentary Library.

Note:   The Parliamentary Librarian is within the joint Department (see section 54).

 (2)   Schedule 1, item 8, page 5 (lines 9 to 16), omit subsection 38C(3), substitute:

         (3)    The Presiding Officers cannot appoint a person as the Parliamentary Librarian unless:

              (a)    the person has either or both of the following:

                    (i)    professional qualifications in librarianship or information management (however described);

                   (ii)    professional membership of a recognised professional association in the discipline of librarianship or information management (however described); or

              (b)    the Presiding Officers are satisfied that, by reason of the person’s qualifications in another relevant discipline, or the person’s professional experience, the person has suitable skills to perform the functions of Parliamentary Librarian.

Sheet 4510

(1)    Schedule 1, page 8 (after line 17), after item 12, insert:

12A  Before Section 66


65A  Security Management Board

         (1)    A Security Management Board is established by this section.

         (2)    The Board consists of:

              (a)    the Secretary of the joint Department, or an SES employee of that department nominated by the Presiding Officers in writing; and

              (b)    an SES employee of the Department of the Senate nominated by the President of the Senate in writing; and

              (c)    an SES employee of the Department of the House of Representatives nominated by the Speaker of the House of Representatives in writing.

         (3)    The Board may, with the approval in writing of the Presiding Officers:

              (a)    invite other members of the Parliamentary Service to attend its meetings; and

              (b)    invite the heads of other organisations to attend or be represented at its meetings.

         (4)    The Presiding Officers will appoint a Board member to chair meetings of the Board.

         (5)    The function of the Board is to provide advice as required to the Presiding Officers on security policy, and the management of security measures, for Parliament House.

These amendments go to the issues I addressed in my contribution on the second reading debate concerning the Parliamentary Librarian and the Security Management Board. I think we have canvassed the issues, and I seek the support of the chamber for those amendments.