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Tuesday, 8 February 2005
Page: 178

Senator Allison asked the Minister representing the Minister for Health and Ageing, upon notice, on 15 November 2004:

(1)   Is the Minister aware of a study conducted by the Victorian Cancer Council which found that 90 per cent of customers with very fair skin were able to use solariums, and that this use is in breach of Australian Standards.

(2)   Will the Minister require solarium operators to comply with Australian Standards.

(3)   Will the Minister require solarium operators to give warning to those who are at high risk of developing skin damage and skin cancer.

Senator Patterson (Minister for Family and Community Services and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women’s Issues) —The Minister for Health and Ageing has provided the following answer to the honourable senator’s question:

(1)   The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, through the Radiation Health Committee was advised in March 2004 that recent Victorian surveys of the compliance of solaria operators with Australian Standard 2635:2002 had demonstrated a need for stronger encouragement of the industry to adhere to the Standard. In response, a statement was released on compliance with the Australian and New Zealand Standard on Solaria for Cosmetic Purposes. The Statement is available at

(2)   Sources and facilities of radiation, such as solaria, may be regulated by the authorities in each state and territory. Currently no state or territory regulates solaria. The Australian Standard is not currently a regulatory document. The Radiation Health Committee is established under the Australian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Act (1998). The Committee includes senior radiation regulator representatives from each state and territory.

(3)   The Statement released by the Radiation Health Committee stresses requirements of the Australian and New Zealand Standard including prohibition of use of solaria by persons under the age of 15, parental consent for persons under the age of 18, exclusion of people with fair skin to solaria, restricts repeat exposures and forbids claims of non-cosmetic health benefit of solaria to be used in promotion.