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Tuesday, 7 December 2004
Page: 116

Senator NETTLE (8:36 PM) —There we have it: actions speak louder than words. Thank you both for your kind words and your sentiments. There is some support out there for public health. Unfortunately, it is not conveyed in the actions of either party in deciding to put forward the views, the sentiments, that they agree with. This should not impact on the primacy of public health in Australia. The Australian Greens amendment says, `Let's say, once and for all, in our legislation that we are not going to allow this trade agreement to impact on our capacity to deliver quality public health services to all Australians.' The amendment stipulates that we will commit ourselves to the primacy of public health, that we will commit ourselves to international agreements such as the Doha declaration on trade related issues and intellectual property rights. It says: `These are the things we abide by. Let's put it in the legislation so then it is there and there can be no questions asked in the future.' Unfortunately that is not a position that either of the two major parties are prepared to put forward.

Question put:

That the amendment (Senator Nettle's) be agreed to.