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Monday, 6 December 2004
Page: 104

Senator CARR (8:30 PM) —We will, Minister, in due course. But this has nothing to do with the value of Catholicism. This is not a debate about the value of any particular religion—

Senator Vanstone —You just said it was the one true faith.

Senator CARR —No, you are the one who has drawn attention to this matter. All I say is that if you are going to refer to a religious denomination, no matter how valuable it is, then you ought to refer to them all. Why specify one? I ask again: where does the draftsman come to this conclusion? Is it part of the draftsman's instruction to exclude all other denominations? This is a clause that goes to the question of employment practices. I think that if you are going to include reference to one particular denomination, you must include reference to them all. Alternatively, accept our words and it will not be necessary to do that.